Security Information

Beneficiaries of the World Bank Formal Employment Creation Grant Program can apply by logging into the TKYB Electronic Grant Application Platform at and and filling out the necessary information and documents.

Our Bank takes necessary measures to ensure the security and reliability of the information it stores and states its responsibilities with reminders.

Many different methods are used in online fraud transactions. In order to raise awareness in case you are exposed to a fraud attempt, we kindly ask you to read the information below.

General Warnings

Make sure that your Internet browser's address bar/tab writes as Project’s official and current address correctly and without errors.

Always keep the operating systems of your computer and smart mobile devices (mobile phone, tablet) up to date and use the latest version of the Internet browsers available on your devices. In this way, you can prevent possible security vulnerabilities that may arise from the operating system and Internet browser software.

Do not install any programs from unknown or unsafe sources on your computers and smart mobile devices (cell phone, tablet), do not open links sent by e-mail and SMS whose source you do not know.

Do not forget to log out in order to log out securely by terminating your session in the online channels of our bank.

Use an antivirus application to ensure the basic security of the computer you are using.

In cases where fraud is suspected regarding the transactions you perform in our Bank's systems, you can immediately use "Contact" page on our Project’s website. Attention should be paid to the precautions and announcements specified by our Bank regarding known fraudulent methods.